Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus. Who goes up and down the video stream. Agcom Report

All numbers of the latest Agcom telecom observatory related to online platforms, not just broadcasts

Netflix is ​​confirmed as the preferred video streaming platform for Italians with 8.7 million unique users.

This is what emerges from the data observatory Regarding the communications made by the Communications Authority headed by Giacomo La Sorella.

Although the peak of the pandemic has faded, there is still a huge demand for video-on-demand services. When analyzing usage data for online platforms, in December 2021, 44.6 million unique users surfed the Internet for just over 59 hours of browsing, on average, per person.

All the details of the AGCOM Bulletin.

Information sites are increasing

The group of sites and apps indicating major international players is confirmed at the top of the rankings, followed by those related to some of the major national publishing groups (Rcs Mediagroup, Mediaset, ItaliaOnline and GEDI).

Referring to the public trend of public information sites and applications, the year 2021, with 38.3 million unique users, registered a slight increase compared to the corresponding value in 2020 (38.0). The easing of the epidemic emergency may have contributed to the decline observed in the latter part of the year. As of October, overall audience levels for 2020 are in fact always higher than their corresponding levels in 2021.

How do online e-commerce platforms work

Turning instead to online e-commerce platforms, the analysis of the last quarter of 2021 shows, on a value corresponding to 2020, a decrease in the number of unique users. For December 2021 alone, the number of unique users decreased by a total of 1.88 million compared to December 2020. In the first place came e-commerce sites and apps owned by Amazon, with a decrease of 1.8 million visitors followed by eBay, which recorded a decrease of 2.8 million unique users, and by Subito .it which fell by 0.7 million users.

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Unique users of video platforms continue to grow

Noting the trend of individual users of paid online audiovisual content platforms, in contrast to the dynamics described above, easing anti-epidemic measures did not reduce users’ tendency to browse on these platforms; In fact, it is worth noting that as of August, the monthly data for 2021 is consistently higher than that recorded in 2020 while, on average annually, individual users have grown by about 600 thousand units (+750 thousand in December only, when they reached Total 16.4 million unique users).

Time is growing on video streaming platforms

Furthermore, Agcom notes that in 2021, the trend in browsing time on major paid video streaming sites was on average around 44.2 million hours per month, up 4.5% compared to 2020 (the year marked by the “peak” of navigation due to the shutdown in March-May) and 29.0% compared to 2019. This translates, for the whole of 2021, referring to the number of navigation hours to a total of 531 million hours. These data seem to testify that the use of online paid video content is structurally embedded in the consumption habits of Italian households.

Netflix is ​​a leader for unique users in Italy

Finally, from photography, Agcom confirms that Netflix is ​​the main video streaming platform in Italy with 8.7 million unique users. The latter has continued to grow in recent years, going from 6.2 million in 2019 to 7.5 million in 2020. In second place is Prime video, the video streaming giant Amazon that has 6 million unique users in 2020. Unlike Netflix , lost users last year (6.1 million users in 2020). Then follow Disney Plus (with 2.6 million down from 3 million in 2020); Dozen (with 2.4 million unique users, up from 1.5 million in 2020) and now. The latter is the live streaming platform Sky which reaches 1 million users in 2021, down from 1.3 million in 2020.

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