Netflix adds an “I Like” button in the content rating system

Five years ago, Netflix decided to change the system for rating the contents in the catalog available to users, replacing the more traditional star rating (from a scale of 1 to 5) with a binary system. Consists of “Like” and “Dislike” buttons marked with an A raise your thumb and download now. A third button has been added to those,”I adore!‘, it can be identified by a double excellent symbol.

Netflix hasn’t officially announced the release of the “I Love!” button. This, as far as we know, could be just a test and therefore not really available to all users globally. For enabled accounts, the option “I love!” It appears to the right of the “Like” button in the stock rating system, as evidenced by the examples above.

We can conclude that “I love!” Click when you like the title A lot, a lot really, for example for titles that you don’t get tired of seeing more than once. Conversely, the classic Like button remains for titles you like but feel good about seeing “once and that’s it.” It is not excluded that Netflix may also use more “weight” for titles “liked” by users in its algorithms for categorizing contents.

For now, only in the web version of Netflix did we notice “I love!” , not in mobile apps and smart TVs.

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