Netflix adds a double like symbol – that’s what it is for

Interesting and strange news in it Netflix. The digital platform follows the pace of the times and after the “like” and “not mine” icons has added a third reaction to movies and TV series, the double thumb icon.

as colleagues

broadcast platform It has introduced this new code to allow viewers to report a movie or TV series they particularly like for which one thumb is not enough.

The thumb icon is already available to all subscribers on both TV, web and mobile devices Android And iOS.

It would mean “I adore,” which is a very popular term today among younger people.

Here is where we can find it:

Completely crafted strategy Netflix. as explained Kristen Doig Cardetdirector of product innovation, this choice came after…

We understand from users that it is important for them to distinguish between shows they liked and those they really liked.

Meanwhile, the platform continues to break records after audience registrations thanks to TV series that are very popular all over the world. And there’s also a lot of anticipation for the first all-Italian reality show. after success Circle And Too hot to handlea new reality show produced by the same production company will soon land on the podiumFamous Island. We still don’t know who the heroes will be, but filming is already over.

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