Nestlé ships infant formula from Switzerland and the Netherlands to the United States amid shortages

The Swiss multinational food company Nestle said Tuesday that it has sent supplies of infant formula to the United States, from its factories in Switzerland and the Netherlands, to help alleviate a shortage of these products that occurred in that country three months ago.

A spokesperson for Vevey noted that Gerber’s milk was shipped from Dutch factories and Alfamino from the Swiss state.

The Nestlé source added, “We have given priority to these two products for their important medicinal value, as they are aimed at children who are allergic to cow’s milk proteins,” noting that they can be shipped quickly because they were previously imported from the United States. .

The company added that it will try to increase its cooperation to alleviate the shortage of these products in the United States, taking advantage of the commitment of the US regulatory authorities to temporarily give greater flexibility to the entry of these products.

Formula milks were sold out in several supermarkets in the United States after the major domestic producer, Abbott Laboratories, pulled shipments of several types of this infant formula (Similac, Alimentum, EleCare), sparking compulsive purchases by consumers. running. Outside.

It was decided to withdraw the product after at least five children had a bacterial infection and two of them died, events that are still under investigation.

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