Negotiations between the government and the Asian Football Confederation for an invitation to greet the team at the Casa Rosada

while in DohaQatar, Argentina celebrated their victory over France in the World Cup finalHowever, the government stepped up efforts so that the team would visit the Casa Rosada upon its return to Buenos Aires.

But on Sunday evening, the response was positive It took to get there. And in the government, they realized that the decision was in the hands of the players themselves, after the talks they had with the technical staff and the AFC authorities.

From the selection, the message they conveyed was that the players wanted to celebrate “with the people”but they showed Fear of getting involved in a political ceremony.

The Casa Rosada also evaluated the possibility of issuing decrees Administrative vacation for this Monday, but when it was learned that the campus would arrive that day at night and that a large part of the festivities would remain for Tuesday, the idea was discarded. “The players will arrive tomorrow night (for today), so it can still be seen when the meeting is with the people. This is why Monday’s holiday is not evaluated,” said sources from Casa Rosada. Meanwhile, the possibility remained open, depending on what It happens with the organization of festivities, a holiday can finally be issued for Tuesday.

on Sunday, Alberto Fernandez He left Quinta de Olivos and settled in the Casa Rosada to continue the negotiations and hold various meetings about the celebrations of the chosen team’s victory. During the day, he also received calls from different peers from all over the world congratulating him on the team’s victory. Among those who reached out was Pedro Sanchez from Spain. Emmanuel Macron of France; Vladimir Putin from Russia. Lula of Brazil and the head of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva.

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Although it was not specified whether the team would end up visiting the Casa Rosada or not, and while more and more sectors emphasized that the players sought not to be “caught up” in politics, a precautionary measure was prepared at the headquarters of the working government designed for days before military house Responsible for building security.

He’s not the only one. The Federal Security Forces have been working for several days in an operation similar to the one carried out in July 2021, when Argentina returned to the country after winning the America’s Cup., but in this case it is reinforced when the chosen one lands in the country. There, the Argentine Federal Police (PFA), Airport Security Police (PSA) and the Argentine Football Association (AFA) are getting involved. General projections assume that there could be a real crowd in the streets, which may exceed a million people just in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to greet the team.

The airport security police alone have arranged about 400 agents between Ezeiza Airport and Barrio 1the location located In front of the AFA property, one of the possible scenarios for the player caravan. two trips from Argentine Airlines Which will bring the players and their families according to what happened on previous occasions will land in the special flight area. All players will migrate internally and then leave together on a bus from the track.

A special security operation was carried out at the Government HouseSantiago Filipuzzi

The four federal forces have it Work schedule to coordinate efforts and individuals. At the same time, they maintain contact with the Buenos Aires Police, for the respective road segments, as well as with the Buenos Aires City Authorities, and the various provincial forces, even to coordinate the safety of the areas at a later date. Players if they go home in different jurisdictions.

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secondly, Casa Militar, the mixed organization of military and civilians responsible for the security of the Casa Rosada, has been working in recent days on an operation in case the players finally decide to attend 50 balcars. So you think of a Important fence around Casa Rosada So that the bus that drives them runs safely, at a distance from the people who come to receive them. Although there are no details yet on what will finally happen, two scenarios have been dealt with. One that players go to at nightfall on a Monday, after landing in Ezeiza, or sometime on a Tuesday.

Based on these expectations, and to maximize security measures, it is expected that the government will only be able to admit people who have enabled fingerprints. At Casa Rosada they want to avoid the floods seen in the wake of Diego Maradona. In principle, there will be no activity or meeting on the agenda to avoid passing people outside the building.

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