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Hand on the title!

The Golden State Warriors celebrate a big win in their fifth NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. 104:94 now makes it 3:2 in the best series out of seven. Now the team surrounding superstar Steve Curry only needs one win for a seventh NBA title.

Historical: Carrie stays the entire game without (!) three successful ones. He never did that in the final. However, his team wins!

Playoffs 6 may take place in Boston at night from Thursday to Friday, German time (3AM). DAZN is broadcasting live. The game can also be watched via NBA League Pass (€24.99 per month).

In the first quarter, the Celtics got almost nothing. In the end they are “only” late at 16:27. Boston with no (!) successful trio so far.

Guest coach Udoka settles the scores with his team over ESPN’s microphone: “We weren’t strong enough! The Warriors were simply more present. It can’t go on like this!”

One does particularly well with the Warriors: Draymond Green! The last disappointing in the finals, he was even off the bench only for the fourth game in the final stage.

There was a mockery of his mother, Mary Babers. She tweeted, “Please stop asking me what’s going on with Dray. I don’t know. Maybe there’s a clone playing! Where’s the board that brought us here?”

The bank’s frustration and mother’s sarcasm seem to have inspired Green this time around.

In the first half, the Warriors went up 51-39. Then all of a sudden, the thing is completely spinning! The Celtics are making a crazy comeback – and even topping the middle of the third quarter!

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The game has now become a real final battle. With the last whistle, Jordan Ball hit in a massive three-way set on the Buzzer – 75:74. Nervous madness!

Then the warriors came back to the trigger! And how! Klay Thompson leaves three rains, favors LeBron James in the list of all-time successful top threes, and is now second to teammate Curry.

In the end, the Warriors claimed their third win in five games – even without a triple Curry Pointer.


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