Natural juice to cleanse the colon: this is how it is prepared

The United States Library of Medicine, MedlinePlus, It indicates that the “colon, also called the large intestine” is involved in the activities of the digestive system whose function is to store and produce stool.

remarkably The colon can be affected by a cancer called colorectal, which can affect both men and women.

Diarrhea, bloody stools, weight loss, nausea and vomiting are five of the most common symptoms of this condition, which is part of the most common illnesses around the world, according to World Health Organization, World Health Organization.

The colon is one of the organs that can be affected on a daily basis by bad habits such as eating fatty foods or tobacco and alcohol.


according to Medline PlusIrritable bowel syndrome, which affects the large intestine. The main symptoms that occur are constipation and diarrhea. Similarly, the entity indicates that women are more likely to suffer from it than men.

This syndrome can occur at any age, but it most often begins in adolescence or early adulthood.‘,” the health website notes.

It should be clarified that the colon is “the longest part of the large intestine,” he explains National Cancer Institute.

People who are at least 45 years old should have screening tests, such as a colonoscopy. – Photo: Getty Images

Foods that can be eaten

health portal, just now saudiHe explains that people with this condition should include easy-to-digest foods in their diet that don’t cause irritation, such as fatty and spicy foods.

However, it cannot be generalized A list of products that can or cannot be consumed because not all living organisms tolerate them or assimilate them in the same way, Therefore, a consultation with a nutritionist may be the best option to treat this syndrome.

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Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be relieved after taking:

  • the fruit: Papaya, strawberries, grapes and lemon can be included in the diet, along with nuts such as cashews, peanuts and walnuts.
  • Drinks: You can eat vegetables such as almonds or coconut, along with skimmed milk and foods that do not contain lactose.
  • Eggs and almond flour can be other alternatives to avoid eating sweets, for example.
  • Injection: These teas can also help relieve the pain of this condition. It is recommended not to add sugar.
egg white
Reference image on eggs. – Photo: Getty Images

But how do you cleanse the colon?

magazine Better with health describe Juice can help cleanse the colon. It is important to clarify that no home remedy or shake can replace a doctor’s treatment or eating plans designed by a dietician, so it is recommended that you consult with a professional before taking it.

Flax, kiwi and pear seeds

just now saudi It ensures that flaxseed is a seed that contributes to strengthening the immune system that acts as a protective factor for the cells of the body. Along the same lines, Pears, can fight constipation by fighting other diseases, Such as the development of osteoporosis because it helps to counteract the weakness of the bones of the body thanks to its minerals.

Finally, kiwi is a fruit rich in vitamin C that helps regulate cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

Preparation mode

  • For a glass of juice, add half a cup of water to a blender along with chopped pears and peeled kiwi with 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds.
  • Mix for a few seconds and when the mixture becomes homogeneous, serve and consume.
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