Natalia Rodriguez updated her worrying health condition

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Natalia Rodriguez, better remembered as “Arenita”, has been living in Denmark for a long time. From there, the former “Yingo” keeps her fans updated through social networks, where she usually provides details about her personal life.

recent followers Natalie Rodriguez They were very concerned when she told that she was going to have emergency surgery, as she was going through a risky ectopic pregnancy.

“I was hospitalized yesterday because I had an ectopic pregnancy, which is when a fertilized egg is trapped in a fallopian tube,” ex-departure recounts. Carol Lucero.

“They had to remove her right fallopian tube because of it My life was in danger. I felt sorry when they told me but I had no choice but to accept help.”

Hours after giving these details, influencerHe reappeared on the networks to provide an update on his health.

I’m much betterThank you for all the greetings you sent me, as well as for all the people who asked about my health,” he said at the beginning.

He also explained, “I take care of myself, I don’t make an effort. I can’t go to the gym or do physical things that make me so tired, but little by little I’m becoming more normal.”

in this way, Natalie Rodriguez She said she has already recovered and will soon be able to resume her normal life in Denmark, where she is very happy and has found love.

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