NASA announces the end of the InSight mission to Mars: what have they discovered and when will it end? | technology

The InSight mission studying the interior of Mars has ended, after Martian dust completely covered its solar panels with which it produced the energy.

this week, NASA has announced the end of the InSight mission, a lander on Mars, dedicated to the study of the Red Planet.especially the geophysical and geological characteristics of the surface of Mars, that is, the Earth and its interior.

The probe was launched in 2018 and successfully landed on Mars, where it spent the rest of its life gathering data and information that scientists use to better understand the planet’s structure, how it formed, and how it got to its current state.

specific, Some of the most important milestones in this mission relate to the interior of the planet, loneliness, for example, made it possible to determine if the core of Mars was liquid.Something he wasn’t sure of.

Along the same lines It also provided details about the inner layers of Mars’ soil, the “near-extinct” state of its magnetic field, and data on frequent seismic activity. located on the surface of Mars.

Why does the InSight mission end?

Currently, NASA hopes the unit will finally stop working over the next few weeks. This is due to diminishing energy supplies, as well as the natural factors of the environment in which they are located.

In fact, This device is powered in part by solar energy, which it obtains through panels that have been covered in Martian dust and atrophied over time.which causes the unit to absorb less energy.

as a last step, Mission scientists must store, classify, and make available to researchers around the world all collected datato elicit details that InSight will eventually allow to reveal.

NASA will announce the end of the mission when InSight loses two consecutive contact sessions with the Mars-orbiting spacecraft.part of the Relay Network, but only if the cause of the connection loss is the probe itself.” Notice.

They also claim that “There will be no heroic actions to reconnect with InSight. While the task saving event will be a strong gust of wind, for example, cleaning the panels; considered unlikely.

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