Musk relies entirely on the community to combat misinformation

In principle, anyone who feels like this, has been on Twitter for at least six months, hasn’t broken the Twitter Rules and respects the program’s values, for example “helping build understanding”, can write such comments. on this page You can register to contribute to Group Notes. It may take some time before you are activated for this.

All Twitter users can vote on whether or not a note is helpful — and why. Notes that are rated as helpful are displayed on a separate page.

The community concept started in 2021 – under a different name

However, the community feedback is not Elon Musk’s invention, but rather continues an idea of ​​the company’s previous management: the project started in January 2021 under the name “Birdwatch” and so far has been a pilot project limited to the United States of America. Musk rebranded it and made it available worldwide.

As Musk has written in several tweets, he sees community feedback as a key tool in the fight against misinformation. He’s already been corrected by the community itself: In November, he tweeted a CNN headline that Musk was threatening freedom of speech on Twitter. A note can be seen below the tweet, indicating that CNN did not claim this and that the screenshot was from a satirical website..

The verification hook returns – but it costs $8 per month

And another Twitter innovation: The blue verification button will return on Monday — as part of the Twitter Blue paid offer. If you pay eight dollars a month, you can verify your account with Twitter and get the white tick in the blue circle. For now, Twitter Blue is still only available in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is still not clear when the show can also be booked in Germany.

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In addition, subscribers should enjoy other benefits, such as significantly less advertising, one Function to edit tweets after they are posted In addition to being able to download better quality videos. However, these features should only be available at a later date.

The tag, which indicates that a user’s account has been verified by Twitter, was previously free and given to politicians, celebrities, journalists, and organizations. In the future, there will be gold marks for companies and gray marks for accounts of governments and international organizations – also for a fee.

Apple users have to pay more for the blue tick

Apple users will have to pay $11 instead of $8. Twitter did not comment directly on Why Apple users should dig deep into their pockets. According to media reports, this may be due to Twitter trying to pass on fees incurred in the App Store to users.

After buying Twitter in October, Musk said he wanted to expand the company’s revenue streams beyond advertising and develop new paid offerings.

Twitter Blue, a paid subscription version launched in November, has been quickly discontinued. Many fake accounts have appeared with users pretending to be celebrities or companies.

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