Musk does not rule out bankruptcy of Twitter as CEOs continue to bleed

Tycoon Elon Musk, the sole owner of Twitter, told platform employees today that the company’s bankruptcy cannot be ruled out, according to Bloomberg.

“Declaration of bankruptcy cannot be ruled out.” He said today in a face-to-face meeting with the staff of the headquarters in San Francisco, who reminded them of this Remote work is over And that they should return to the offices under pain of expulsion.

In this environment of uncertainty, many corporate managers continue to leave their posts, including Yoel Roth -who was listed last week as a rising star on Twitter and cited by Musk frequently in his tweets – and Robin Wheeleraccording to the same agency, citing sources who requested anonymity.

Ruth and Wheeler accompanied Musk in his first steps on Twitter as a sole proprietor and helped him, through tweets that Musk later retweeted, to Define a new content moderation policy Its purpose was to reassure users, but above all advertisers, the main source of income for the Little Bird Network.

These two names are added to the abandonment of other well-known CEOs hours before: Leah Kesner, Damien Keran, and Marian Fogertywho were supposed to be the users’ heads of security units and who should have left the company in the past few hours (only Kissner admitted this in his own online account).

The New York Post does not hesitate to describe what happened as… Abandonment of a sinking ship.

Musk, who said last Friday that the company is losing four million dollars a day and today admitted that he sold 19.5 million shares (for about 4000 million dollars) of his electric car company Tesla. Twitter “to save”He no longer seems very confident that he can make it happen.

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If on Wednesday he sent a message to all employees acknowledging that “the economic outlook is alarming,” today he told them the company desperately needed to convince users. Pay $8 required for verified accountswhich is a very controversial idea that is causing controversy in the network itself.

Advertisers, for their part, had yet to see Musk’s plans clearly and there were many of them GM or Volkswagen – those who wisely pulled their ads network so that we have an idea of ​​the future of the platform.

Today, the Federal Trade Commission, through a spokesperson, said it is following closely with “deep concern” the latest developments on Twitter, reminding Musk that “no CEO is above the law” and that “no CEO is above the law.” They have sufficient tools to “ensure compliance” with the regulations.

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