Muscle building works twice as fast with this fitness trick

This is how the study went

To examine the effectiveness of exercises for building muscle, the research team from Australia divided the participants into three training groups. The groups did dumbbell arm curls twice a week for five weeks. Only one group performed the concentric movement – i.e. weight lifting – the exercise movement, the second group only the eccentric movement – i.e. the lowering – and the third group both phases of the movement.

Results were promising after five weeks. Participants from all groups had successes in terms of muscle strength and size. but The group that trained eccentrically only did half the number of repetitionsTo achieve the same training effect for athletes from the other two groups. In reality, however, the eccentric trainees were able to gain more muscle size than the comparison groups. Participants in both groups of concentric exercises increased their muscle circumference by about 5.4 percent. But the weirdos made it 7.2 percent greater volume in muscle.

Make your training more effective

Clear case: If you focus on the lower muscle pulling movement, you can achieve faster and better training success. So to get the most out of strength training in the future, you should Focus mostly on the weight loss phase Puts.

In the future, perform lowering arm curls, shoulder presses, leg raises, or leg curls as slowly as possible. The target muscles should remain under tension for as long as possible during the slow descent. Also in Body weight exercises You can benefit from knowing the eccentric phases by Squat as slowly as possible Get down or yourself Landing on the floor during slow-motion push-ups.

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by the way: If you’ve paid little or no special attention to the eccentric part of your workout, don’t despair. Because the results of the Australian study very clearly show that muscle size increases with any kind of regular strength training. So you don’t have to throw all the exercises in your training plan overboard. It is enough to take more time for the eccentric part of the exercise in the future. Instead of lowering the weights, lower them slowly under control and tension. Your muscles will thank you.

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