Municipalities in Fürstenfeldbruck are fighting against downgrading – Fürstenfeldbruck

Plans commissioned by the state government for the partial modernization of the State Development Program (LEP) for the Munich region were met with tremendous resistance in Alling and other municipalities in the western region. According to the draft, some municipalities should not belong to the “density population area” but to the “general rural area”. In addition to Alling, places were affected Schöngeising, Kottgeisering and Oberschweinbach, which had already lodged an objection. At the city’s last meeting, Alinger’s municipal council decided to take a stand against the plan in a statement to the Ministry of Economic Affairs “with the utmost determination and intensity”. The “downgrading” to rural areas means, among other things, that the respective municipalities can no longer grant the urban agglomeration allowance, which compensates civil servants for the higher cost of living in the area.

In addition, according to Alling’s Mayor Stefan Joachimsthaler, municipalities can be hampered in their development, especially structurally. Addressing this is important for the future. “The removal of Alling from the conglomerate is incomprehensible, because the community is located in the eastern part of Fürstenfeldbrook, surrounded by towns and large communities, and would therefore be in a sort of island state,” the statement says. The municipalities that follow in the West will have the same performance. “It is unacceptable that a degree is induced in urban agglomeration from west to east, the status quo must remain,” Deputy Mayor Hans Friedel said.

According to Mayor Andreas Folger, there will be an uncomfortable situation for Kottgeiseering, as the neighboring Grafrath will remain part of the conglomerate. There is no justification for a “quasi-reduction” of employee income, since living conditions are similar to those in large municipalities, according to Alinger municipal council. The ability to pay lower wages also affects the employment of employees. In Allinger’s statement, he also stated that the main city is located on Federal Road 2 and is therefore connected to the Lindau and Stuttgart motorways. In addition, State Road 2069 passes through the village as a cross connection, so that Alling can be considered as developed in general.

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At the suggestion of the constituency member of the state parliament, Hans Friedel, it was also added that the municipality of Alling is now well integrated into the public transport network. Municipalities are particularly concerned that the reduction may have serious disadvantages to local development because, unlike urban agglomerations, a “slowdown in construction” is to be expected. Joachimsthaler believes that in rural areas, more emphasis will be placed on indoor or indoor densification, and it will not be possible to designate new building land. It can be assumed that the identification of new development zones will become more difficult for the respective municipalities and that the corresponding zone management system will have to be established in the future.

This view is also shared by the Bavarian Municipal Council, which fears a halt in development or at least new requirements in the building code for municipalities that have been taken out of urban agglomerations. It is likely that development will only be possible in places where all conceivable infrastructure is available, and rural areas will be neglected according to the project, warns Community Day in its manifesto, which is explicitly supported by the communities.

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