Municipal police, unarmed against organized crime attacks

Rebecca Hernandez Marin / Quadratine

February 28, 2022

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Morelia, Michigan, February 28, 2022. – Municipal police institutions are powerless and cannot handle a situation like the one that happened last Sunday afternoon in Marcos Castellanos, Mayor Jorge Luis Anguiano Bartida said.

“We did what was in our hands, and the PSD acted according to protocols. Most, if not all, municipalities are in a very complicated situation of lack of resources, lack of support, and abandonment by the union and state government.”

“In the face of such an unfortunate event, at a certain moment, the chain is broken by the thinnest, which in itself is thin. And I believe that my fellow mayors will not allow me to lie about our way of doing, what we can, and here we show our faces and above all Bring our municipality forward,” he noted.

The municipality said that he was not aware of the statements of Public Prosecutor Adrian Lopez Solis about his absence from his municipality and confirmed that he made it clear that he was there and yesterday he attended a sporting event for the Municipal Basketball League in the Sports Unit, and then later. Because it was Sunday, he retired to rest at home.

He stressed that emergency work protocols had been drawn up and that he was attentive to his place of residence and to assisting the authorities and journalists who sought him to identify the situation they went through and suffer from.

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