More than 60 parliamentarians demand a secret session in the face of the Aragua train security crisis | National

A secret session in the Chamber of Deputies is what a group of more than 60 deputies is demanding in the face of the security crisis due to the disclosure of members of the transnational criminal gang “Tren de Aragua”. If approved, it would be the third time of this kind since the return to democracy.

More than 60 parliamentarians asked to be House of Representatives and Representatives run out Secret session due to the security crisis due to the presence of members of the criminal organization “Tren de Aragua”.

In this case, they will call in the Secretary of the Interior, Izkiah Sichis, and her counterpart from the Treasury, Mario Marcel, the directors of police and the Internal Revenue Service, among other authorities.

According to information from Radio Pew Bio, The application has signatures of opposition parties and the Socialist Party.

This was reported by Representative Juan Manuel Fuenzalida (UDI) “We demand a private session of a confidential nature given the content of the case, which is, in the end, how to focus on the national conference and how to support the government in the fight against organized crime,” he added.

He pointed out that this support will mean a series of initiatives that lay down a set of rules to combat these gangs.

It’s an issue that we have to deal with globally and Congress can’t be left out, and You must support the fight against organized crime because we are still on time,” Deputy added.

In the opinion of Representative Jaime Araya (People’s Democratic Party), The country’s democracy is threatened by organized crime and delinquency. For this reason, it was described as “reasonable” for the Chamber of Deputies to raise the possibility of convening a secretarial session to address the criminal phenomenon of the Aragua train.

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He added that with the above, they will be able to “Predict what is happening in the country, not only in the north, but also in Valparaíso and Santiago. When one encounters new criminal phenomena, the wise thing to do is not to sweep them under the rug, not to say that those who talk about these issues are worrisome or worrisome, but rather that we should do what corresponds, which is to exercise the power we have “, cardamom.

This was confirmed by Vice PC, Louis Nick “The advance of criminal gangs like Tren de Aragua is troubling. It is important that we can examine the reality that happens with this type of criminal organization and without a doubt we can be ready for the sessions.”

Regarding its confidential nature, he noted, it should be evaluated on the basis of the background to which disclosure might be sensitive.

After all the necessary signatures have been obtained, a vote must be taken in the chamber where support for the proposal must reach 2/3.

This will be the third time that a secret session has been held since the return of democracy.

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