Monarca is canceled by Netflix, the hero pleading to save her

Also monarch have been cancelled: The Mexican series created and produced by Diego Gutierrez is Another victim of the Netflix cutsWhich, after a year of the epidemic, is doing a comprehensive survey of many unprofitable products.

monarch Canceled without official announcement: Rumors about a possible archive of the series began to circulate as Netflix’s silence became somewhat eloquent. Three months after the debut of the second season, in January 2021, it is now clear that the broadcasting device has no plans to renew. The family saga of Carranza tequila producers For a third season.

And to confirm that monarch Deleted is the video the protagonist is using Juan Manuel Bernal He thanked the fans and announced the end of the Carranza adventure, and blamed Netflix Leave the series without a fulfilled ending.

From the words of Joaquín Carranza’s translator, all the bitterness appears next monarch Canceled in the general silence of the hour, so much so that the actor is rumored As angry as people sending him text messages from all over the world complaining about the lack of renewal.

I am so grateful, moved and surprised by all this news caused, in the end I think it has already been confirmed through Netflix that the third season of monarch have been cancelled. This at least revolutionized my social channels. Many have written to me that I have no way to thank everyone for their anxiety and indignation and respond to everyone who I decided to shoot this video to say that the decision is not ours, it is Netflix’s decision. I thank all the fans of our series because I have never had much contact with countries that I did not know existed thanks to this series, they wrote to me with a little shock. I understand your upset, but I’m not the right person to tell. I am with you, I am a little angry because it seems to me that the series did not end like it should have ended, we had to finish it, but the decision is not mine, it is not ours, it is the platform.

monarch It has been canceled like many other Netflix series in the past year, since then Radiates ad far Passing through I am not okay with this H Atypical. Bernal says that as a user of the platform and a lover of the series, he will ask Netflix to revamp it as many viewers are already doing, calling on the audience to open a campaign aimed at at least getting production of another season that closed the series, and the plot remained open.

As a fan of the series, I will strive to ask the platform I pay not to leave me like this, but this is really a request from many … I am definitely proud of everything we did, we put our hearts in you can see it on screen and this is reflected in the success I have achieved and the way people revolted .

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