Model House Fair in Fellbach – Tips for visiting

Regardless of whether it is a one-story house, a gabled house or a flat-roofed house, there is something to suit many tastes in the gallery of Fellbach Showroom. Photo: AE&G Fellbach

At Eigenheim und Garten Fellbach, the prefab house fair on the outskirts of Stuttgart, you can tour around 60 fully furnished homes from 50 factories. To ensure the home visit of the show is a complete success, here are some valuable tips for building a family.

Stuttgart – Many people want to realize their dream of owning their own home. And like many prospective builders they have a number of questions that need to be answered before building a home. The prefabricated building offers those interested in building the opportunity to take a closer look at the typical homes in the original scale.

Everyone who participates in the indoor exhibition in Fellbach will quickly notice the great architectural diversity of typical houses. On the right, a detached house with a clinker facade, directly in front of a stately designer house, two corners away an authentically designed bungalow made of wood and glass awaits visitors. In order to have a good overview and be able to compare several houses and architectural styles, first-time visitors should pay attention to the following things:

Tip 1: Is the living atmosphere and room climate appropriate?

Above all, of course, personal taste. But things like room proportions, the feeling of space and the atmosphere of living in a typical home also help the comparison. An important detail is, for example, how the height of the knee wall in the attic affects the furnishing of the room and how daylight is provided in a typical house. If you visit homes on a very cold winter’s day or a very hot summer day, you can pay more attention to visualizing the indoor climate.

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Tip 2: What to consider when planning a building plan?

When it comes to planning the layout of the building, the builder of families should always ask themselves what is best for everyday family life, for example: how many bedrooms or are there a need for children’s rooms? Do you need an extra room for overnight guests? Do you want an open living and dining space and how much storage space should be planned?

Tip 3: Take pictures and notes

Basically, it’s a good idea to take pictures and write down the things you particularly liked so that you can still remember them days after the visit. In the gallery in Fellbach there is a free exhibition catalog with photos of all typical homes and space for notes.

Tip 4: Arrange targeted counseling appointments

When visiting the show again, building families should already have a rough idea of ​​which manufacturer might be a good fit and which companies or theaters they’d like to take a closer look at. Ideally, appointments should take place in these model homes so that the counselor involved has enough time for a more detailed discussion.

Tip 5: Pay attention to details

Now you should also pay attention to the details, such as the building services included or the energy standards that are available. It is now also important for building families to know their available budget. Do not search – search! Regardless of whether it is a first visit or a ‘frequent visitor’ – the gallery in Fellbach has been the destination for building enthusiasts in the ‘Ländle’ for 51 years now, with modern cinemas always. More than 20 new homes have been built in the past three years.

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“Our gallery presents a very wide range of building ideas in a relatively small space. Clients can see individually the dimensions of a home, how it feels, and what is possible. Many are grateful when they find exactly what they have in mind here,” says Andreas Speer, Managing Director of Iggenheim & Garten. In this regard, modular homes are a great help to many.

information: Gallery “Home and Garden”, Höhenstraße 21, 70736 Fellbach, Tel: 0711/52 04 94 26, Fax: 0711/52 64 72. Open from 11 am to 6 pm, also on Sundays and public holidays. Monday and Tuesday rest days. Admission for adults is three euros and for children, students and the severely disabled is 1.50 euros.

Note: Despite the fact that masks are no longer mandatory, the gallery management recommends wearing mouth and nose protection in the entrance building and in all galleries.

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