Missing 16-year-old Isabella in the Paris region: many questions remain unanswered

Which – which. She was missing for about 2 weeks – now 16-year-old Isabella from Scilly in France according to all signs. On Tuesday, the police in Celle (Lower Saxony) announced that a Facebook call had resulted in a very specific tip.

The girl found in France was “with probability close to certainty” for Isabella. At first, many questions remained unanswered – such as the circumstances of their disappearance. She added that the police are continuing to investigate.

Isabella in Paris?

According to a police spokesperson, the girl’s father and the police officers want to make their way to France on Wednesday. She added that officials assumed that Isabella was in the Paris region.

Reportedly, the girl with the pseudonym Isi left her parents’ home unnoticed on the morning of March 22nd. The young man did not take any keys, a wallet, or a cell phone with her. Therefore, the police assumed that they wanted to meet someone near the house. There is no reason to believe Isabella wanted to escape, as it was said last.

Police suspected violent crimes

The parents called the police the same day. Officials suspected a violent crime. A special committee evaluated communications between young people in chat groups and social networks. On Easter, officials again urgently asked residents for help – apparently successfully.

According to police experience, most of the missing children and teenagers reappear after a few hours or days. But there are exceptions, and some fates remain invariably unexplained. At the end of the year, nearly 1,300 people were registered in the ongoing missing persons file of the Criminal Police Office of Lower Saxony. This included 202 males and 160 adolescent girls. Since 2001, Catherine Konert, then 15, has gone missing from Luchou-Danenberg in Lower Saxony.

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