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Venezuelan opposition demands the same sanctions against Russia in Venezuela

Venezuelan opponent Armando Armas This Thursday suggested that “all sanctionsimposed on Russia after the military invasion of Ukraine is being “transferred” to its allies in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba.

Let your possessions be confiscated, your diplomats expelled, commerce paralyzedThat their families cannot enjoy the illicit money, which those in the private sector get “They took advantage of the pain of their own people only to support the criminal, totalitarian and expansionist claims of their Moscow patrons,” Armas said in an opposition statement.

During a virtual meeting with the group supporting Juan Guaido, the former parliamentarian confirmed that it was time to step down “Moral relativism”, because, in his opinion, “Standing on the side of Ukraine stands on the side of freedom, Democracy is on the right side of history.”

Similarly, Armas called on Venezuelans to Let’s take the unity of the Ukrainian people as an example shown during the conflict.

Last Thursday leaders The European Union has given the green light for new sanctions against Russia over the invasion of Ukraineaffecting the financial sector, energy, dual-use goods, transportation or visas.

One of the main penalties imposed is Exclusion of some Russian banks from the SWIFT payment system.

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