Ministers discuss African, Caribbean and Pacific interests

The analysis accomplished the task of preparing the documents that will be presented to the heads of state and government for consideration in the final stage of the tenth summit of the bloc, which will start tomorrow in this capital.

In remarks to the press, Oeacp Secretary General Georges Rebelo Pinto Chicoti emphasized that there is a good atmosphere in the deliberations of the Council, when evaluating compatible positions in defense of solidarity, pluralism, sustainable development and promotion of integration into the world economy.

As confirmed, the ministerial meeting analyzed in detail the proposal for the final declaration of the event, the so-called Oyak Luanda Declaration, whose approval will be in the hands of the leaders.

Among the relevant issues, he mentioned the desire to strengthen the group’s role in the international arena, the fight against climate change, the defense of peace and security, as well as the problems inherent in the food and energy crisis on a global scale. .

In addition, the draft declaration includes the issue of solidarity with Cuba, taking into account the difficulties faced by the country, and the response of the official, referring to the economic, financial and commercial embargo imposed by the United States on the island.

The official acknowledged that Angola will hold the presidency of UIAC tomorrow for a period of three years, with the express will to continue contributing to the unity of the organization.

The Cabinet also heard reports on the thematic forums that were held yesterday in this capital in the heat of the summit, including those related to the diaspora and youth.

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