Minions, because Gen Z is wearing suits to watch the new movie

It is expected to be released in the summer of 2020. Minions: When Gru gets really badA new chapter in the anime saga despicable meInstead, it has been postponed for two years due to Covid. But now that it has finally been released in theaters almost all over the world (In Italy it will arrive from the 18th of August) is observed with performance by box office record: It reached #1 on the UK and US charts, and in the latter region broke the record for the highest-grossing film on the 4th of July weekend, the one in which independence is celebrated. Post 125 million dollars Collected in these early days of American release rest assured that families have not forgotten cinema as an important source of entertainment. But there is another phenomenon that makes a lot of talk about this minions 2or the so-called Gentlemen.

It was born on social networks, particularly on TikTok where the relevant hashtag has so far amassed 5 million views but also on Twitter, # The phenomenon of nobles You would expect spectators, especially those of the so-called generation Z, to show up at the cinema to watch the cute yellow eggs dressed in an elegant manner, often In a suit and tie. If this initiative seems rather harmless, it is in a way Gugliardi’s expression of a desire to return to cinema as a form of group experienceThere are also those who have taken this performance to the next level: BBC tells us British cinemas Who banned the spectators in uniforms from seeing the Minions after several accidents were reported to people Disturb the bumps and throw bananas on the screen.

In general, though, most gentlemen just want Find an original way to go see a movie This in turn is ridiculous and funny. The same worldwidea movie company that distributes Minions: How Gru Got So Bad, wrote on Twitter that he noticed the phenomenon and somehow approved it: “To all those who come to see the Minions in their clothes: We see you and we love you‘, reads the social message.

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