Mindelheim: Police warn of car crackers in the Mindelheim area

A car was broken into in Mendelheim – and the police believe it wasn’t the only one. A description of the potential culprits has been published.

The police Warns of car firecrackers in and around Mindelheim. According to a press report, a car parked Friday afternoon in a tourist parking lot on State Route 2518 was broken into and a wallet was stolen from the glove compartment. The police assume that this was not the only crime, but that there were other crimes around Mendelheim.

Did a man and a woman break into cars in Mendelheim?

A white BMW SUV, of a man of about 50 and a woman of about 35, is said to play a role.

The man is said to be about 165 centimeters tall, according to police, and had a strong appearance, short black hair, a bald head and blue eyes. The woman was about 35 years old, skinny, light blond with very long hair.

Witnesses or victims of a vehicle crash should report to the police

Anyone who can provide information about the vehicle or the persons described, or who have also been the victim of a similar crime, please contact the Mindelheim Police Inspectorate, tel. 08261/76850.

The police advise not to leave any valuables in the car, especially in hard-to-see places. In such places, it makes sense to leave the glove box open to show potential thieves that breaking into the car is not worth it.

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