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Roger Federer has achieved success after success in his incomparable career. Below is an overview of its main features.

1998: The tennis world is paying real attention to Roger Federer for the first time. When he was 16 years old, he wins Wimbledon competition in youngsters.

1998: Just two days after his success at Wimbledon Federer made his debut on the ATP Tour. At Gstaad, number 702 in the then world rankings received a wild card. Federer loses to Argentine loser Lucas Arnold 4:6, 4:6.

2000: Federer scored in Marseille Final for the first time at the ATP level. Ironically, the young rookie lost to his compatriot Marc Rosset in 3 sets and then cried bitter tears of disappointment.

2001: which is long overdue The first ATP title is a fact. After losing finals in Marseille and Basel, Federer finally managed to lift the first trophy in Milan. The 19-year-old defeated Frenchman Julien Potter in the final.

2001: For many, the breakthrough in Federer’s career. It comes at Wimbledon in the round of 16 Meet the House of Sampras. The outside player wrestles with the American, who has won Wimbledon 7 times – including 4 in a row – in an exciting five-set match. Just a few days ago, Federer complained about telephoto problems.

2003: It will be about two and a half years before the Swiss national team Win a Grand Slam for the first time. 24 months after his thrilling victory over Pete Sampras, Federer won the most important tennis tournament at Wimbledon for the first time. In the final, the No. 4 ranked Basel player defeated Australian Mark Philippoussis in 3 sets.

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2003: At the end of the season Federer wins the ATP Finals for the first timeThen it was called the Masters Cup. He must win a total of 6 ATP Finals cups on 3 different continents.

2005: Two years later, the winner already ATP address number 25 in The Bag. In Dubai, where Federer is supposed to win 8 times, he defeated his current coach Ivan Ljubicic. In the semi-finals against Andre Agassi, Federer runs one The most exciting point of his entire career.

2009: Record Breaker! Federer won his 15th title at Wimbledon In doing so, he beats previous record holder Pete Sampras (14). But the Swiss needs nerves of steel: in the final, he takes on a hook battle with Andy Roddick, which he can win only after more than 5 hours and 16:14 in the fifth set.

2012: Address No. 75 Very special. Federer won his favorite Wimbledon tournament for the eighth time, defeating Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray respectively. His twin daughters, Mila and Charlene, were also among the first-time attendees. “It’s one of those Grand Slams that I love to go back to,” Federer says today.

2016: Although Federer repeatedly reported back problems in his career, he survived serious injuries for a long time. But in 2016 he had to do it on the left knee Perform an operation, two more interventions will be added later.

2017: After a half-year break, Federer is back on tour in Australia – and how. Quite surprisingly, the “Maestro” secured his 18th Grand Slam title in Melbourne, in the final, Federer wrestling longtime rival Rafael Nadal in five nerve-wracking sentences. In the same year, Federer triumphed for the eighth time at Wimbledon and won a total of 7 championships.

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2018: A year after his sensational comeback, Federer repeated his Australian Open victory with a final victory over Marin Cilic. For the bidder in Basel, this is the 20th Grand Slam victory – it should still be so amazing.

2019: Federer’s championship wins in three numbers. Veteran gets himself in Dubai Address number 100 on the highest level. In the final he defeated Stefanos Tsitsipas, who had inflicted a painful knockout defeat a few weeks earlier at the Australian Open.

2022: After several knee surgeries, Federer is working on a comeback. However, the interventions leave a footprint so large, that it is no longer possible to return to competitive tennis. On September 15, the 41-year-old Federer announced his retirement after the Laver Cup in London.

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