Migrants cross the Rio Grande with a rope to avoid drifting in the current (+ video)

They pointed out that the situation on the border continues to deteriorate. US authorities found and transported 23 bodies from the Rio Grande during April.

Archives | Venezuelans use these illegal steps to enter the United States

The migrant crisis continues at the US-Mexico border. This was manifested in a video that began to spread this Tuesday on social networks, in which it was noted the great risks that they are exposed to in reaching American soil.

Journalist Ali Bradley posted the video, recorded in Eagle Pass, Texas. The footage shows dozens of migrants from Nicaragua crossing the Rio Grande River and encountering its powerful currents.

“An official source in Eagle Pass, Texas sent me this video. They say a group of about 50 immigrants are from Nicaragua. You can see they are using a rope to cross and avoid being dragged.”

More than 20 dead

Bradley noted that the situation on the border continues to deteriorate. In this regard, he confirmed that the US authorities found 23 bodies and took them out of the Rio Grande during the month of April.

Amidst the humanitarian emergency in Venezuela, Mexico has become a route used by Creole migrants to reach the United States. At the end of 2022, the number of Venezuelans intercepted at the Mexico-US border had increased by 54%.

Like Central America, Venezuelans use these illegal steps to enter the United States. Therefore, they use dangerous roads and paths to reach the other side of the border in search of some benefits from immigration.

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Previously, immigrants would arrive in Mexico, both by land and by air, to head to the US border. This scenario caused Mexican authorities to request a visa for Venezuelans seeking to enter their country.

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