Microsoft will improve graphics performance in Xbox Series S very soon

For developers, having some freedom in their development kit to publish their games to Xbox consoles is vital, something that can benefit companies in terms of quality and control. The quality stack will make it easier for developers to release games on the platform, attracting more studios interested in using Xbox gadgets. Now, late Microsoft released a new development kit Which frees up Xbox Series S memory for improved gaming performance, which means better graphics performance for the console.

According to the details they showed in A video About the development toolkit, they say that Microsoft has developed this new tool “to give developers more control over memory, which can improve graphics performance under memory-constrained conditions.” In this way, the file Xbox Series S will go one step further in its power and adaptability.

Say goodbye to memory problems, better quality games for Xbox Series S.

According to the comparisons made, the Xbox Series S keeps 2 GB of its 10 for operating system tasks, forcing developers to work with only 8 GB of memory, limiting the graphics and performance capabilities of games. In this way, it is understandable why the console is sold with a range of 1440p, but in some games They only reach 1080p.

According to Microsoft, the change they implemented could fix the problem, leaving developers Better set loads And do what suits them. Although it’s a small change, this means that games can make better use of these memory improvements, but it doesn’t mean a very noticeable change.

It’s just a matter of Xbox consoles improving their parts and retrofitting to improve performance, being kind of Xbox Series SPro. Although this is still a long way off, significant progress can be seen in just a couple of years after the launch of the new generation.

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