Microsoft doesn’t hold back and confirms Internet Explorer has months to live

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internet browser It is the subject of a lot of ridicule and for good reason. The legendary browser that was the first internet experience for many turned out to be a slow and unreliable product. Its bad image was such that Microsoft had no choice but to create another browser and leave Internet Explorer in the tray. Now, the company reminded us that he only has months to live.

What happens is that, just as important computer gamesMicrosoft took the opportunity to remind the world that Internet Explorer is about to disappear. It will be June 15, 2022 when the desktop icon will cease to exist for access to this infamous program.

Hence, little by little Microsoft will be removing Internet Explorer from the latest versions of Windows 10 starting in June. While some may keep the browser and continue to use it, the truth is that Microsoft wants to eliminate it completely so that Edge becomes your default browser.

This is what will happen in Windows 10, but what about users who are still using Windows 8 and Windows 7? There he will also be retired, but life will last until January 2023.

Now, the truth is that many continue to use Internet Explorer for more than just a whim. There are users and companies who, for various reasons, need to use the legendary browser. That is why Edge will have an Internet Explorer mode that will be compatible with those sites that, for some reason, are based on the classic program. Of course, it is a method that will not be eternal and will disappear sometime in 2029.

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And you, do you know someone who still uses Internet Explorer? Do you think this browser will be fondly remembered or is it a mockery? Tell us in the comments.

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