Mexico-US immigration system not working: Ken Salazar

Mexico: US ambassador to Mexico, Wednesday, Ken Lee Salazarmentioned that immigration system In force does not work, which is why there is a file disturbance in the arrival of illegal immigrants to the border between Mexico and the United States.

In that sense, the diplomat advanced that this would be an issue that the presidents of Mexico and the United States would have to deal with in Two-way meeting They will be held in July of this year with the aim of solving the mentioned problem.

It has been declared that there must be a new phase of immigration. And that is to have a legal framework for immigration so that we can have order, so that migrants who reach this very painful corridor can be protected, they get humane treatment, and their desires can be linked to the hopes of research. to get a job. With jobs in places that require work.”

Salazar stressed in a press conference that it is difficult in these times to address the demand for the migration flow that occurred in common border Because the numbers are historical.

“Is that we have a system that doesn’t work, that immigration system that never works, it’s a system that’s now in disarray, so President Biden and his entire team are working to see how this can be resolved.

As for the topic More than 50 immigrants died of suffocation In a box from a trailer found in San Antonio, TexasAnd the American diplomatic delegate stressed, last Monday, June 27, that this kind of situation should not arise, and stressed that it is not enough to pray, but to work on this basis to prevent this type of event from repeating itself.

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“My heart is trembling because 52 people died because these criminal organizations brought them like this in a trailer where they died tragically, it should not happen, there is no government or institution or person, who will see this thing and say ‘we are only going to pray, it is important to pray’ But what is important is to act against these organizations that are creating so much pain in the painful migration corridor,” he said.

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