Mexico. Five women face immigration between Mexico and the United States at Channel Theaters with Contre-jour

Madrid, April 27. (Europe Press) –

The Canal Theaters in the Community of Madrid will open their doors, from Wednesday to Friday, to the play “Contre-jour” performed by five women inspired by immigration control between Mexico and the United States.

This is the latest show by Belgian choreographer and dancer Alexandre Vanturnhout with his company “Non Standing”. This performance, which takes place in a sandy space where five women are developing, speaks to the effects left by the movement of people.

In “Contre-jour,” the five women walk, run, jump and crawl to create a variety of “impressions” that have been erased to make way for new symbols and new choreography.

Fanturnhout found inspiration for this montage in the extensive system used by the anti-immigration police at the Mexico-US border. By scraping the land these migrants cross, when new migrants cross at night, they leave their footprints on the swept land, and the police can detect them and control their flow. In parallel, the choreographer studied the paths left by animals (snakes, horses, cats).


Alexandre Vanturnhout (1989) studied contemporary dance at PARTS, the school founded by Anne Teresa de Kersmaker, and acrobatics and dance at Escuela Superior de las Artes del Circo (ESAC).

This dual requirement of dance and circus is what defined her work, which sought creative and kinetic potentials in materialism and research into the relationship between performer and object.

In 2014, he premiered his first track, Caprices, a solo dance act with Sciarrino’s music. It was followed by the award-winning Aneckxander (2015), a solo film co-created with Bauke Lievens; Raphaël (2017) his first duet with Bauke Lievens and La rose en céramique, which he presented at the Avignon Festival.

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Soon after, he premiered his first four-man track, “Red Haired Men,” which toured Europe for over two years; “Brague” (2019), with five acrobatic dancers, and “Through the Vine” (2020).

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