Mexico beat Australia in the FIFA Women’s World Cup; They are looking for fifth place

(Photo: FMFA)

Despite the problems caused by the mismanagement of both the Mexican Football Federation (FMFAand the National Committee for Physical Culture and Sportsconid), The Women’s team I got this Wednesday 34-6 win over Australia In his first appearance in the tournament World Cup in Finland.

With outstanding performance in both offensive and defensive terms, the Aztecs progressed quickly Andrea Romeroafter a pass from a quarterback Maria Cruz.

With the advantage, the defense added its grain of sand with an interception that allowed the trio to extend the advantage after a new pass from Cruz to Maria Granadas. Although Australia sought to get the game back on track, another touchdown from Ana Barbosa put the defeat back on track just before the break.


However, the Australian managed to fall back early in the third consecutive quarter Casey Barney On the fourth and decisive goal. Mexico was unwilling to jeopardize the outcome and did not take its foot off the gas pedal. Runners Andrea Romero and fisherman Ana Barbosa put up specific numbers to sign a liberating victory.

Quarterback Maria Cruz signed off with an impressive performance by completing 20 of 34 passes for a total of 190 yards and four touchdowns, while Ana Barbosa had five receptions for 73 yards and two touchdowns.

Unfortunately, The victory had a sweet and sour taste For the team because they will not be able to fight on the podium in You lose by default The first match against Britain For not arriving in Helsinki on time, after not getting tickets for non-payment. This was stated by the player Anna Barbosa.

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“I have a little bit of mixed feelings, obviously very happy, grateful to come here and set foot on the pitch, but I’m disappointed because we know it had to be another match, that it should have been against Canada, but in the end we enjoyed it a lot and the goal was achieved.” Which is a win. The result is a bit disappointing because on day one Australia played Canada and they ended up 36-6, a very similar result and it tells us that today we had to play against Canada and then we played the final at the weekend.”

Also in the player’s face Michelle Hernandez It was not noticed that the victory they desired, which would lead them to the dispute over the medals.

“The truth is that because of everything we’ve been through, we were really excited to play, and that’s really what we came for. We had a build-up of emotions, adrenaline and even hope. Regardless, the goal could no longer be achieved, which is the medal, but in the end we loved playing, And we were excited, so exhaustion and confusion were in the background.”

(Photo: FMFA)
(Photo: FMFA)

Currently Mexico will face Germany on August 7at 5:00, in a dispute over Fifth and Sixth place In the World Cup, but the team is confident of achieving this goal, which it has not set since the global dream began.

It is worth noting that Many players already had a plan to bid farewell to American football After this World Cup, Anna Barbosa herself, but now the situation has changed after not facing the tournament as planned.

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Before the scandal, the Mexican players confirmed this They can surpass what was achieved in the 2019 World Cup in Canada, where they took the bronze medalWell, Cynthia Olivares has confirmed that it is the best team formed in history and they can compete with the United States.

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