Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Bolivia demand that Pedro Castillo’s inauguration be respected | international

governments Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia on Monday expressed “deep concern over the recent events that resulted in the deportation and detention of José Pedro Castillo”. who still consider them the president of Peru and who they see as “victims of undemocratic harassment”.

In a joint statement released by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the four countries affirmed that Castillo is being subjected to “judicial treatment in the same infringing manner” and demanded that the “will of the citizen” expressed by the Peruvian people in the elections be respected.

Our governments call on all parties involved in the previous process to give priority to the will of the citizens expressed at the ballot box”, And they said in the statement, which was published after many of them had already expressed their concern about the crisis that has erupted in Peru since Castillo decided to dissolve Congress, in what many considered a coup, and he was arrested because of this.

With this call, they also demand that “those who make up the institutions refrain from reversing the popular will expressed in free suffrage” and the authorities “to fully respect the human rights of President Pedro Castillo and guarantee him judicial protection”.

Former Peruvian President Pedro Castillo published a message on Monday from his detention center, to which he was transferred after his impeachment by Congress last Wednesday, writing that he considered himself “kidnapped” and calling President Dina a “rapist.” Who assumed the presidency of the state after his dismissal.

In view of this situation, the former president said in his message on Monday that he is “unconditionally loyal to the popular and constitutional mandate” that he claims to assume “as president” and stressed that he will not give up his “high and sacred functions.”

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Subsequently, he criticized Bulwart, who was elected vice president in the formula he led in the 2021 elections and who was sworn in as head of state after his dismissal. In particular, he questioned his proposal to bring forward the general election to April 2024.

Colombia, Argentina and Bolivia thus joined the defense that Mexico had been running since the events and the statements of the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, that he had allowed Castillo asylum, while delaying the recognition of Boloart as president.

For its part, Colombia, which initially condemned “any assault on democracy, wherever it may be” after Castillo’s statement, and through its President Gustavo Petro, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) called for precautionary measures in favor of “President” Castillo.

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