Mexican American football team. Some players are already traveling to Finland

Hoping you can arrive Sunday morning to Finland And play the match against Great Britain, the first squad of Mexican-American women’s soccer team He flew to Europe to participate in Globalism of specialization.

Six players and three employees began the journey across United State to Helsinki, hoping that the rest of her teammates can arrive and complete at least 22 to play the match against the British and thus aspire to enter the medal table.

Mexican teams had to get their flights and put pressure on the president Mexican American Football FederationAnd the Cesar Barrera To make the trip after he stopped them and refused to do the paperwork.

Friday was a day of great tension for the players who had to persuade the manager to try to reach the World Cup, while their relatives staged a strike outside the club’s facilities. code me as a pressure gauge.

Some players suspected mismanagement of the resources that were given to the manager and that’s why he was very reluctant to carry out actions to make the trip. Their main argument was that due to the Lufthansa strike, arrival at the final destination could not be guaranteed.

The team had to travel on the 27th, and the manager has been long so far, thanks to the media pressure exerted by the players.

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