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A story on Monday, December 12, 2022 with the most important news radio news at 7:30 p.m. The Piazza Fontana massacre in Milan was commemorated this afternoon and no government official took to the podium on the first anniversary of the right-wing’s seizure of power. Giorgia Meloni develops the communication strategy in her weekly notebook, summarizing the week’s contents and disagreements. An investigation into allegations of corruption by Qatar at the top of European institutions reveals one of the ways in which the Gulf state manages its interests with Europe. The West confirms its support for Ukraine, but the start of negotiations between the Russians and the Ukrainians is still a long way off.

Commemoration of the Piazza Fontana massacre

On December 12, the commemoration of the Piazza Fontana massacre in Milan took place this afternoon. Solemn ceremonies of the families of the victims, the institutions and the Milanese movement that marched in procession. There are no government officials on stage on the first anniversary of the right’s rise to power. Lorenza Ghidini Story:

Communication Strategy for Georgia Meloni

(Written by Anna Bridis)

A relaxed pose of someone staying at home with the Christmas tree behind him, looking into the camera with a diary full of stickers his daughter has put in, a voice that sometimes becomes low, as if trusting. Giorgia Meloni develops the communication strategy in her weekly notebook, summarizing the week’s contents and controversies, asking questions and providing answers as well. Someone already commented in the first episode that it was a way of avoiding the difficulty posed by the journalists’ questions at the press conference. The main theme this morning was economic maneuvering, Georgia Meloni’s great fear was to end up bogged down in the Allies’ quarrels, their indispensable flags, the exhausting negotiations and the enormous risks of losing the consensus, which of course he is already beginning to warn, at least Because it is clear that we are moving from campaign promises to actions. And so in the context of the video there is always a vindictive note in his choices. She always describes herself as a victim of misunderstandings and unjust attacks, and others are guilty of being in government always in front of her. But Palazzo Chigi’s leadership is on the strength of a broad consensus and getting a balancing act approved that reporting far below what was pledged is a risk, and with less than three months in government the prime minister already has to propose a control room with the majority of allies because he has so much faith What groups will do independently in Parliament. It can be said that it is the government, not the opposition. It is the search for direct consensus with his constituents, for the promises he made and which he now has to postpone, trying to stay out of the rivalries between parties and leaders, like Salvini, who has problems with his social networks to the point of running. In mistakes, gaffes and personal situations such as that of Licia Ronzulli advocating the removal of non-browser doctors, one of the first things Meloni wanted to remove with his first decree of law.

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Qatar and Business in Europe

(Written by Prince Alexander)

A picture circulating in the corridors of Brussels. He is the Deputy Commissioner Margaritis Schinas. The People’s Party is like von der Leyen. And he appears in the picture with his compatriot, Eva Cayley, who was arrested and accused of corruption. The two are in Qatar, on a mission, last November 18th. Public image, nothing secret. Schinas will be on the VIP stand for the World Cup opener in two days. Nothing illegal of course. But now it takes on a different flavour.
With Qatar, there is not only the World Cup. This is the facade that Doha wanted as a leading country license. But then there’s the energy: the business isn’t underpowered, the pace is human. Qatar is awash with gas today more than ever desirable in Europe. Another file that concerns the emirate is visas. Qatar has been trying for years to include it in the list of non-European countries with a liberalization regime: it is a very important measure for commercial and diplomatic relations. The Commission’s new green light proposal last April is now before the European Parliament. which I sent him today. Another sign that should not be underestimated. Morocco is another country under the supervision of judges. We do not know which file the investigators are targeting. The latest case is that of Pegasus: an international spying scandal that erupted in 2021, in which hundreds of prominent journalists, businessmen and politicians, such as Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez, spied on their own phones. Brussels commissioned a committee of MEPs to investigate Morocco’s possible involvement. On November 8, the Moroccan authorities were acquitted by the commission for lack of clear and convincing evidence.

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The start of negotiations between the Russians and the Ukrainians is still a long way off

(Written by Emmanuel Valenti)

The West confirms its support for Ukraine. It will be more clear tomorrow, when the international conference will be held in Paris to decide and coordinate the aid that will be sent to Kiev quickly to face the winter.
Zelensky will also participate in the video conference. In parallel, a bilateral forum, France and Ukraine, is designed to plan and finance the country’s future reconstruction. The Ukrainian delegation will meet hundreds of French companies. After presiding over a meeting with other G7 leaders, German Chancellor Schulz said aid to Ukraine would be a Marshall Plan.

In recent days, in a series of phone conversations, Zelensky has also received assurances of political and military support. It was like this with Macron and Biden. And the US President reaffirmed that his administration’s priority will be to continue providing defensive systems to deal with Russian bombing.

However, there is no chance of starting negotiations between the Russians and the Ukrainians. The only positive note: in the past few days the word “negotiations” has been uttered by everyone. Even from Putin.
Although the positions are different, everyone thinks and hopes that at some point there will be negotiations. But as we’ve said many times, this is not the time yet.
As the State Department in Moscow reiterated today: We do not see the right approach on the part of the United States. Kiev’s position, backed by its allies, has always been to respect its territorial sovereignty, as outlined in the United Nations Charter. For example, this expression was also used by Biden – in a recent conversation with Zelensky.

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In this case, the camp is still distinguished by significant firepower. The front line does not move, but both sides make heavy use of artillery.
The Ukrainians themselves admitted a series of Russian offensives in the Donetsk, Luhansk and Kherson regions.
The Kievan army responded – its version – by striking the positions of the Wagner Group in Luhasnik and other Russian positions in Melitopol in the south.
This latest development seems to confirm a potential Ukrainian strategy: divide, divide, the strip of land in Moscow’s hands in the south, which stretches from Russia to Crimea. We’re not there yet, but if it were, it would be a huge blow to the Kremlin.
Putin’s spokesman said today that the president has canceled his traditional year-end press conference. Almost never happened.
Putin has made several public statements in recent days, but journalists’ questions – if approved or directed – can irk him. Criticism of the Kremlin has not stopped on Russian military-conscious blogs.

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