Meet the lawyer who stole a piece of meat in Nordelta and arrested him

A 41-year-old lawyer has been arrested for stealing a vacuum-packed loin from a NordeltaIn the Tigre neighborhood of Buenos Aires, after she was identified through images of local security cameras, police and judicial sources indicated.

The arrest was made in the last few hours by forces from the said jurisdiction in the northern suburbs.

According to the sources, the now detainee, identified by police as Matias Rubin C, 41, was a regular customer of the building with an address in a gated community in the town of Benavidez.

Spokespersons indicated that the investigation began by virtue of his position after they learned about the matter Looting It took place this past Saturday afternoon, at work belonging to the Passage of the Sciences to 200, in Nordelta.

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And based on the images recorded by the security cameras inside the store, which were revealed on social media and media sites, the investigations identified the suspect, identified him and arrested him.

Prosecutor Sebastian Fittipaldi, of the Decentralized Functional Unit of Education (UFI) in Rincon de Mellberg, intervened in the case, ordering the transfer of the accused to the district police station, where he was taken into custody and notified of the formation of the allegation of theft, after which he regained his freedom as it is a releaseable crime.

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