Medellin Patrol stands out for its beauty and impressive stage

Diana Ramirez It is part of the National Police of Medellin. the young woman from ColombiaBecause of his professionalism, he got a place in the security company.

Her dedication has led to being prepared to face the odds, as evidenced by the photos she shares on her Instagram of handling guns and setting up in the Social Center for Agents and Patrol Agents.

But her work is not only protecting Medellín’s security outside the facilities, she is also the main announcer and voice of the Radio Police station in Medellín that can be tuned in through 96.4 FM.

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This year she was nominated for Police or Military Influencer of the Yearin the list Instagram Awards, which recognizes the professional work and creation of digital content for Latam. In this event also appears file OnlyFans model Aida Cortes.

“For me, I am honored to represent them in this nomination and I feel very happy because through social networks it shows the work and dedication of everyone who works every day and contributes to building a better country.”

By the way her buddies are all pretty like Diana RamirezThey ran a campaign to win votes.

Among the responsible participants Monica CurtisAnd the Monica MunguiPresident BermudezAnd the Paula Torres.


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