Measures for the spread of 5G technology in Colombia

According to the World Connectivity Report 2022, 4.9 billion people use it today InternetAnd, in America, the average was above 80% in citizen contact.

Although the panorama is not very significant in the area, in the framework of the event being held in Cancun (Mexico), I was alerted to a number that challenges governments and citizens themselves: 100 million people are offline in Latin America.

Under this scenario, explained Carlos Lugo, official of the International Telecommunication Union Some actions that can reduce communication barriers on 4G and . networks 5G network.

This is the latest technology Although many tests have been conducted from different companies in Colombiacontinues to face challenges to achieve universal use in the coming years.

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5G in Colombia: Widespread Challenges

In the framework of the event in which Pulzo participates, Expert explained 10 actions that can be taken into account in Colombia And in many countries of the region to achieve the rapid development of this technology:

  1. Regulation is required in countries.
  2. Reducing financial barriers to coverage of 4G and 5G networks.
  3. We understand that 5G is a collaborative and holistic strategy.
  4. An entrepreneur is required to lead other sectors and achieve total and absolute transformation.
  5. It forces us to think of a new simplification scheme for regulatory conditions.
  6. A strategy-based organization that welcomes all digital environments, open markets, and interconnected regulation.
  7. Spectrum management to be updated.
  8. Incorporates new agents and agents.
  9. A new approach to finance, work and new leadership is needed.
  10. We understand that 5G technology is not a fad, but rather a tool that is needed to reform the economy. “We must make comprehensive, thoughtful and joint decisions,” explained Carlos Lugo.
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