“maybrit illner” from November 10, 2022: This topic was on the show yesterday at a ZDF talk

A new version of ZDF’s “Maybrit Illner” aired Thursday. It was about the relationship with the United States and the possible consequences. Here you can see which guests have discussed the current topic – including all broadcast dates.

Maybrite Eyeliner It is a permanent institution in ZDF with the ZDF program of the same name. Every Thursday she discusses current events in politics, culture, business and science in her studio. On November 10, political talk is back on the air with a new topic.

“maybrit illner”: guests and topics on November 10, 2022

This week there was a central topic in the media – midterm elections in the United States of America. Previously, there were fears that the Republicans would score a major victory. According to the first results, this does not seem to be the case. “maybrit illner” should be about that, among other things. The potential implications of relations with the United States were analyzed under the heading “America’s Selfishness – Germany’s Dilemma”. The visit of Chancellor Olaf Schultz to China was also discussed. On November 10, the following guests answered questions on the ZDF website:

Christian Lindner (FDP): Minister of Finance

Lars Klingbeil: head of the SPD party

Peter Rove: Republican Party member, policy advisor and national security expert at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC

Ulric Malmender: “Economist,” a behavioral economist and inflation expert at the University of Berkeley

Helen Bobrovsky: journalist, correspondent at FAZ

“maybrit illner” November 10, 2022: TV broadcast, live broadcast, repeat

Political talk has a fixed slot on ZDF. “Maybrit Illner” was broadcast live on TV at 10.15pm on November 10. At the same time, the program can be viewed in the free ZDF media library using any device connected to the Internet or via the Internet. If you miss “maybrit illner” live on TV, you can watch the episode again as an online replay in your media library. It is expected to go live on the platform around 2am after the telecast. The song “Maybrit Illner” is also shown again on TV. Phoenix repeats release on Friday 11 November 2022 at 4:00 PM.

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Upcoming broadcast dates on TV with Maybrit Illner

In the coming weeks there will be many new issues in the program. These are the current broadcast times:

Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 10:15 PM ZDF time

Thursday 24 November 2022 Cancellation due to the World Cup

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