MasterCard Women Entrepreneur Index: Only Italy ranked 43

Although they make up half of the world’s population, in the global business scene, Women own only one fifth of the exporting companies. Furthermore, 80% of businesses where women play the role of owner and need credit see that their needs pay little, if any, at all. Additionally, women’s contribution to the economy is significantly underrepresented in reports and indicators on startups and economic scenarios. These are just some of the data that emerged from Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs (MIWE) Which, by analyzing the progress made by women entrepreneurs in 65 countries around the world (equivalent to 82.4% of the global female workforce), highlights the social and economic contribution of women entrepreneurs, as well as providing key information on the factors that drive and hinder their work. Success.

Although the fifth edition of the index, just introduced, records growth in female employment in 14 of the economies examined, data from the International Labor Organization shows Female employment decreased by 5% compared to 3.9% for men. Although, in fact, there have been many efforts to mitigate the impact of the pandemic in the past two years, Covid-19 has had a significant impact on women. This highlights just how real the danger is to undo decades of progress toward gender equality in the workplace and in business, adding that you36 years more than the estimated time needed to close the global gender gap (World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2021).

The United State, there new Zeland and the Canada They are at the top of the table, driven by strong scores in all three areas of analysis: outcomes for women’s advancement, wealth of knowledge and financial access and conditions for entrepreneurship. These countries provide ideal conditions for facilitating women’s access to financial support and services, as well as enhancing and supporting their ability to start, run, and thrive in entrepreneurial activities. The Women in these markets boast a large share of business ownershipThanks to favorable conditions such as high quality of governance, positive socio-cultural attitude and a vibrant entrepreneurial dynamism.

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Italy loses its places in the rankings

According to the results of the indicator Italy lost three places in the standings, to take 43rd, an average of 52.3 (down from last year: 55). While positioning itself as a “high-income economy,” key data emerging from the report indicates that it is underperforming the MIWE benchmark. It follows that despite a slight improvement in the components of the analysis “knowledge and financial access” (61.4 vs 60 last year) and “entrepreneurship support” (62.2 vs 60.9 last year), Italy is only confirmed in 58th place in “general access to Finance”, ranked 40th for government support for SMEs and 57th in terms of the availability of investment capital in the country.

Overall, there is still a long way to go for Italy to allow women entrepreneurs to establish themselves. However, some positive indicators come from conditions supportive of entrepreneurship (with Italy rising from 26th to 20th place) and in the rate of women entrepreneurs (from 29th to 24th). Finally, it is as positively striking as pThe percentage of women currently working in the technology sector (46%) is not far behind that of men (54%)This also confirms the validity of national and local policies aimed at improving professional skills and increasing women’s participation in the technology sector.

Flexible Entrepreneurs

Despite adversity, the women proved themselves to be resilient entrepreneurs, Overtaken men in terms of entrepreneurial activity in ten countries and demonstrating how the spirit of entrepreneurship in general guides them day in and day out, thus asserting themselves as a critical factor for success in the business world, even before the pandemic. It is therefore necessary, for future economic growth, to lay the foundations to create the appropriate social, political and financial conditions for this entrepreneurial spirit to turn into successful entrepreneurial stories. Government policies supportive of women entrepreneurship can significantly contribute to a faster and more balanced recovery. Empowering women entrepreneurship will not only act as a catalyst for development and innovation, but will nurture communities around successful women and foster a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable global recovery.

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