Martin Lieberman analyzed the Peruvian-Australia match and gave the Peruvian national team the most likely candidate

The Argentine journalist gave a recent talk to Ricardo Gareca and used his YouTube channel to talk about “red and white” on several occasions. Video: YouTube Martin Lieberman.

The Peru vs Australia And the game that everyone will be talking about will be until next Monday, June 13, when the team that will occupy one of the last places in the Qatar World Cup 2022, which begins next November, ends. Meanwhile, journalists like Martin Lieberman Analyze and visualize how this commitment will be It is a former favourite.

Australia were the opponents that were expected and they would have less than a week to recover, unlike Peru, who only focused on the match for some time. Peru is in a position to beat Australia. To get to the World Cup you have to play with strong teams and within this scenario Australia is not much. Comment the caller on his official YouTube channel on his official YouTube channel.

In addition, he added in his analysis Peru’s run in the South American qualifiers as a key to his supremacy. “Peru had to play against Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay and Chile and I am sure Australia is nothing more than those teams. The reason why they are in a position to achieve the rankings. He stressed that it depends more on Peru than on Australia.

Peru and Australia will face each other on Monday, June 13 from 1:00 PM (Peruvian time) in Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, stage that fIt was built in 2003, and initially seated nearly 20,000 spectators. Although now, having been redesigned in 2020, the complex has the capacity to accommodate 40 thousand people.

The 28 called up took part in today’s training, less than a week before qualifying (Image: FPF)

Ricardo Gareca He decided to be present in the duel between Australia against the United Arab Emirates, where the Australian team finally won 2-1 shortly after the end. The fencing demonstrated the tactical movements of the Australian players, as well as their strengths and weaknesses in terms of attack and defence. Tiger was attentive to everything. He was accompanied by Nestor Bonello and other members of the coaching staff.

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“It’s all good, tough match. I won’t talk anymore. Don’t ask me because I won’t talk. They already know it’s Australia, and they already know that, so we’ll prepare with everything”Argentine coach. On the other hand, the physical trainer of “White and Red”, Bonello, mentioned his ratings. It is a very combative team, we already have a “map”. Remember we faced him, so we have many players who played with us. We know they are strong. It’s a hardworking team.”announced.

The coach and physical trainer talked about the upcoming Peruvian rival as well as about the weather in Qatar. | Video: N . channel

Peru and Australia will face each other after 1448 days (3 years and 11 months), the last time was in the World Cup Russia 2018, under the third date of Group C. It happened on Tuesday, May 26th. The “two-colored”, who did not get any points (nor goals) after losing to Denmark and France despite the impressive performance, ended his participation against the national team at the Sochi Olympic Stadium.

In the 18th minute of the match, Andre Carrillo, who is perhaps the best player in the “Blankiroga” in the cup, came from the right and hit a powerful cross that beat Matthew Ryan’s goal. Great goal! Immediately tears of emotion fell from the stands of the sports stadium. Then Paolo Guerrero extended the account and sealed the commitment to the final 2-0.

Carrillo and Guerrero give Peru victory over Australia at Russia 2018 (Video: ESPN).

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