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Leicester, England, April 1 /PRNewswire/

The study, published in Scientific Reports, explores a new, data-driven approach to measuring and quantifying dog well-being

Mars Petcare researchers, including the Waltham Petcare Science Institute and Banfield Pet Hospital®, have developed a quality-of-life assessment that assesses canine health and well-being. The assessment is based on a 32-item questionnaire in which pet owners report their dog’s behavior and activity. Analysis of survey results provides a multifaceted picture of a dog’s health and well-being, covering areas such as energy levels, satisfaction, mobility, socialization and appetite. A new study in scientific Reports Validity supports this quality of life assessment to measure and measure canine health and well-being.

“Welfare is a priority for dog owners and veterinarians alike,” said Nefertiti Green, Head of Science and Diagnostics at Mars Petcare. “This assessment will allow us to collect scientifically validated data on dog health and wellbeing.” At Pet Health, we ultimately promote our goal: a better world for pets. “

in paper The validity of the assessment was checked by comparing the results of the owner’s survey with the medical records of the Banfield dogs examined. For example, energy and mobility scores were lower in dogs with osteoarthritis, socialization and happiness scores decreased with increasing dogs’ age and the presence of chronic diseases, and appetite scores were lower in dogs with chronic dental disease. The results of the study also suggest that this assessment can detect general malaise that would otherwise have gone undetected when a dog has underlying pain that may not be easily recognizable.

Based on this knowledge, DVM, DACVO, Chief Medical Officer, MARCH Veterinary Health, said Jennifer Welser, DVM, DACVO, can understand treatments and measures that have a positive impact on the health and well-being of pets. And the Improving communication with animal owners about the health of their animals.”

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Pending further verification, this quality of life assessment could serve as the basis for digital tools to help dog owners and veterinarians better track their dogs’ well-being throughout life.

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Information on quality of life assessment and study

  • The Quality of Life Questionnaire measures dogs’ health and well-being in five areas during the day and three areas during meal times. Daytime areas are categorized as active (the dog’s activity level), graceful (basic motor skills), relaxed (general calm and absence of anxiety and worry), exhilarating (absence of sad and depressive behavior), and sociable (loving behavior toward owners and owners). other pets). Domains during the meal are rated as relaxed (calm behavior around the meal as evidenced by a lack of stress), interested (interest and excitement about the meal), and satisfied (how full or satisfied the dog is after the meal).)
  • The aim of the study was to develop a comprehensive assessment of canine quality of life, suitable for a wide range of applications and amenable to large-scale data collection.
  • Data from 2,813 dogs were used to develop the quality of life assessment, making it the largest study of its kind to date and ensuring that the assessment is appropriate for use in the general canine.

About Mars Pet Care

in March Pitcare We have one goal: a better world for pets™. Through comprehensive veterinary care and nutrition, leading programs in diagnostics, wearable health monitoring, DNA testing, and animal care, we help pets in more than 130 countries. For decades, we’ve supported research into the amazing science of human-animal interactions Waltham Petcare Institute of ScienceScientists are making important advances in the health and well-being of pets. Mars Petcare is part of Mars, Incorporateda global, family-owned company dedicated to Sustainability within a generation Set as a target. Follow us Instagram And the LinkedIn.

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Information about the Waltham Pitcair Institute of Science

Waltham is the science center for Mars Petcare. Our research teams address various topics such as the nutritional needs of pets, the canine and cat microbiome, biomarkers of health and disease, and feeding behaviour. We also support research in partnership with organizations around the world to see how our relationship with pets can help ensure that both pets and their owners live healthy and happy lives. The knowledge gained at Waltham is critical to achieving the goals of Mars Petcare: A Better World for Pets. We are proud to share our key findings with the scientific community so pets around the world can benefit from our work. Since our first scholarly publication over 50 years ago, we have shared our expertise in more than 1,700 publications, including over 600 peer-reviewed journal articles. In addition, our researchers work alongside some of the world’s most renowned veterinary and nutritional scientists. For more information, see

About Banfield Pet Hospital®

Founded in 1955 in Portland, Oregon, Banfield Pet Hospital is a leader in preventive veterinary care today with more than 1,000 general animal hospitals in 42 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and Mexico. More than 3,600 veterinarians in Banfield are committed to providing high-quality veterinary care to more than three million pets annually. Banfield collects data from each of these visits into the largest electronic veterinary system in the United States. Our goal is to be there for our pets, people, and community. As part of March’s Family of Veterinary Health Practices, Banfield is committed to a better world for pets because pets make a better world for us. If you would like more information, please call the media hotline: (888) 355-0595.

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About Mars Veterinary Health

Mars Veterinary Health is a global division within Mars Petcare – employing more than 70,000 people – dedicated to providing high-quality pet health care to promote a common goal: a better world for pets. The Mars Veterinary Health Network operates more than 2,500 veterinary clinics and diagnostic laboratories worldwide, putting pets, people, and the planet first. Mars Veterinary Health Network includes employees from AniCura, Antech, Asia Veterinary Diagnostics, Banfield, BluePearl, Linnaeus, Mount Pleasant, VCA, VES and VSH, who demonstrate empathy and expertise with more than 25 million vet visits each year.

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