Mariupol in the hands of Russia, “Azovestal fell”: live broadcast

“Negotiations only if Russia returns the heroes of Mariupol to us”
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview with Ukrainian media, explained that the resumption of negotiations with Russia will depend a lot on whether the Russians will save “the lives of the defenders of Mariupol”. He explained that much depends at the moment on the results of the prisoner exchange, which should include the fighters who left the Azvostal steel plant. However, according to the President, after the Bucha events “Russia cannot be among the guarantors of Ukrainian security – he explained – we are thinking of a circle of guarantors of our security among reliable partner states. We are developing this project (peace agreement) with them. Something we like, something we don’t like. We Ukrainians want a lot, as Europeans they are very skeptical. Somewhere in between we will find the answer. We want an international agreement approved by the parliaments of the guarantor countries. Today, this agreement should include a circle of partner countries around Ukraine, without Russia. Security guarantees without Russia. Boca has changed a few things. “Time changes things,” Zelensky added. (ats source)

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