Mario Vargas Llosa referred to the populist governments of Chile and Peru

at Interview with the Chilean newspaper La TerceraPeruvian writer and Nobel laureate for literature Mario Vargas Llosa spoke about the frenetic political landscape of South American countries.

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For Vargas Llosa, there are enough reasons for concern because while the world “flourishes”, Countries in the region are lagging behind in economic and development issues.

In Latin America, unfortunately, populist, demagogic and extremely irresponsible governments have recently proliferated, and above all do not know how to manage the economy of a country. So, we have reason to worry that our continent is lagging behind at a time when the rest of the world is thriving,” the Nobel laureate told La Tercera.

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Vargas Llosa lamented that “the best Latin Americans” do not get involved in politics and explained that this is due to the level of corruption that exists in countries that causes these people to lose interest in participating.

When asked about the recent elections in Chili pepperThe writer said that this situation “It leaves many of us in Latin America so upset that we supported Chile’s cause because we thought it was in the right direction.”

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I respect Political situation in his native PeruVargas Llosa asserted that his country was “besieged, because it was chosen so poorly, to choose an entirely illiterate president”, He predicted that President Pedro Castillo would not end his term.

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La Terceira also asked which Nobel Prize he believed were Latin American countries that were on the right track, with Vargas Lleras highlighting Ecuador and Uruguay “because they have greater democratic traditions than the rest.”

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