Mario Draghi will meet US President Joe Biden at the White House on May 10

Mario Draghi will travel to Washington on May 10, where he will meet US President Joe Biden at the White House. Palazzo Chigi makes it known.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi will travel to Washington on May 10, where he will meet with US President Joe Biden at the White House. “It will be an opportunity to reaffirm the historical friendship and strong partnership between the two countries. The focus of the meeting was coordination with allies on measures to support the Ukrainian people and combat unjustified Russian aggression.“, wrote Palazzo Chigi in a note, indicating that bilateral relations would be discussed and”The strength of the transatlantic linkThe two leaders will talk about global challenges such as energy security, climate change and economic recovery, and the meeting will also be preparatory in light of the NATO and G7 summits scheduled for June.

Draghi has recovered from Covid today (he tested positive on April 18th) and will therefore be able to resume all activities in existence. The prime minister also plans to visit Kyiv, where he will meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The trip, which has always been announced by Palazzo Chigi, could actually take place in the next few weeks or in any case by the first half of May.

In the next few hours, Friday or maybe tomorrow, the Prime Minister will also be able to attend the CDM. A summit at which the government will have to evaluate the various issues that have divided the majority in recent days: first of all, the possibility of sending a new arms shipment to Ukraine. The majority will also have to discuss new energy measures, to support families and businesses against expensive energy. An even more pressing issue since Moscow decided to block the supply of natural gas to some countries (Poland, Bulgaria and Lithuania) that refused to pay in rubles, which caused prices to rise.

Biden and Draghi will discuss all of this on May 10 at the White House. And then, the following month, they would find themselves at a NATO and G7 summit that would always focus on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

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