Mario Draghi: Italian Prime Minister announces his resignation

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Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi will tender his resignation Thursday afternoon after losing the support of the populist Five Star Movement (M5S) coalition.

The politician, who heads the European Central Bank, has led a unity government since February 2021.

Draghi announced his resignation after the M5S did not take part in Thursday’s vote of confidence in the Italian Senate, thus distancing himself from the rest of the government’s partners.

“I want to announce this afternoon that I will submit my resignation to the President of the Republic. Today’s vote in Parliament is an important event from the political point of view,” Draghi said before the Cabinet meeting in Rome.

Although he decided to resign, the Prime Minister could have continued in office, given that he had a majority in Parliament. However, he previously said he wouldn’t rule without M5S support.

He said that “the confidence agreement on which the government’s work was based has ended.”

Mario Draghi

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inflation crisis

The latest problems between Draghi and the M5S are related to a decree containing measures to curb the wave of inflation affecting Italy. The party believes that the actions of the Prime Minister are insufficient.

In addition, there were disputes over the financing of a garbage incinerator in the Italian capital.

The resignation will be submitted to Sergio Mattarella, the president of Italy, who will decide whether to entrust the management of the country to someone on a temporary basis or whether to call early elections.

The end of the Italian legislature was scheduled for March 2023.

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