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Mario Balotelli is synonymous with goals, but also scandalswho did not leave him alone and those stars wherever he went.

In Turkey, with Adana Demirespor, He had a good commitment, scored 19 goals, but he quarreled with the coach. Vincenzo Montella.

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I fell with him Sion from Switzerlandhe only played 45 minutes in only two matches, but he already had his first big scandal.

In a video clip, Balotelli is seen visibly drunk, dragged and carried by two people helping him into the middle of the street.

Various media reported on the event and stated that the striker was the center of events that upset the club.

The leader is hiding it

It is also said that due to these conditions he is not training these days. Christian Constantine, President of ZionI have taken the pressure off this issue.

“We all know Mario still has a lot of work to do. However, victory can be celebrated…We did that too at the time, and had a drink or two. The boys have a right to celebrate the victory,” he said.

Regarding his absence from Balotelli’s training sessions, the manager said: “He was sick and that’s why he didn’t train on Monday. On Tuesday he went to the doctor. He has bronchitis.”

Is the video red-handed?

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