Mario Andretti faces criticism for Formula 1 plans

Michael Andretti’s plans for Formula 1 have not only been approved lately. Among other things, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff loudly questioned the reliability of the Americans. For Mario Andretti, the 1978 world champion, harsh words are a sign of a lack of respect.

Mario Andretti is a proud father: when it comes to his son Michael’s Formula 1 ambitions, the American legend cannot stop praising him. And although he himself is not officially involved in the management of Andretti Autosport, he at least serves as an ambassador for the racing team. In this post, he has now reacted coldly to the skepticism and criticism of the Formula 1 establishment.

In the past few weeks, this has been reserved and sometimes negative about Andretti’s “American Dream.” For example, Mercedes racing chief Toto Wolff quipped: “All the teams have invested huge sums over the past 10 years to get there. If the new team is able to fetch us more than the costs, we should look at one and sit down and talk about it. But So far, this evidence has not been provided.”

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Toto Wolff made no new friends in America with his Andretti Autosport comments.

Andretti’s history speaks for itself

For Patriarch Mario Andretti, the Austrian’s statements are bitterly disappointing. In an interview with auto motor und sport, he said: “Toto Wolff spoke very frankly about our credibility. However, he spoke to me in a different way. I find criticism very disrespectful because we have been active in motorsports longer than he does. I respect his success so far. But he has no reason to look down on us.”

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The 1969 Indy 500 winner responds to the accusation of not providing any evidence of the project’s seriousness: “The FIA ​​is very open to us and we’ve met all the requirements. Now we’re waiting for them to provide a figure of what it costs you to pay the teams to let us in.”

Michael Andretti - GP Miami 2022


In Miami, Michael Andretti started the big magic attack. But for the regular 10 teams, financial arguments are needed.

Criticism of Freedom and Longing for Bernie

Mario Andretti is now a bit disturbed by the continued silence from the global motorsport authority. “We know it’s in the $200 million range. Now they might want more, but we’re still waiting for feedback. It’s a little usurious.” In the past, Andretti was sure that things would not have gone this way. “It would be different with Bernie, Liberty gives the teams a lot of talk,” he complains.

Despite all this, the preparations behind the scenes continue to be unimpressive. It became known that the company will operate from the United States, but it will establish a technical air bridge to England, where most of the suppliers and experts are. Alpine has been selected as the engine partner, and IndyCar talent Colton Herta, who has already sat in the Sauber simulator, is set to become the star driver.

“Let that be our problem.”

Regarding preparations, Mario Andretti assures: “They always ask how we want to be competitive. I say: Let this be our problem! You do not know our preparations. We do not have to hire any new people, we absolutely have the experienced people who have the necessary knowledge. This fits with rumors that Andretti Autosport has already done a lot of prep work in terms of personnel.

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“Finally, we have reliable partners who are aware of the scale of the project,” the world champion sums up with confidence. “We’ve planned our program for a long time because it’s all we want. We deserve more respect.”

In the gallery we show you the Andretti Autosport racing series that has already earned respect on the right track.

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