Mare Fuori on Netflix: Release and Streaming

The sea outside Where do you see it?

You are looking for episodes outside the sea flow? You should know it from Friday 10 June 2022 The Imagination Group at the Institute of Juvenile Punishment (IPM) Go to Netflix. Hence, starting from that date, episodes of the series will no longer be available on Ray Play But exclusively on the streaming giant.

When does Marie Faurie appear on Netflix?

From June 10, 2022 Netflix welcomes two full seasons From the novel created by Christiana Farina and Maurizio Carrido that aired in Italy in prime time on Rai 2 between 2020 and 2021.

At the heart of the series, we follow the difficult stories of some young prisoners who made the wrong decisions or made huge mistakes. They are all under the age of eighteen, and they still have the age to learn from their mistakes and get a mistake they so desperately need. Second chance. To help them they exit Paula (Carolina Crescentini) with the captain Maximum (Carmen Ricano) educator baby (Vincenzo Ferreira) and all the guards of the IPM.

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In the cast also appears valentina romanian (Nadetza), Nicholas Maupas (Filippo Ferrari), Massimiliano Chiazzo (Carmen de Salvo), R Team (Pino o Patzo), Matteo Paolillo (Eduardo Conte), Antonio Oreves (Toto), Nicolo Galasso (Tano o Perrocchio) and Domenico Como (Gianni Cardiotrap).

Niccol Galasso (Tano or Perocchio), Antonio D’Aquino (Milos), Matteo Paolillo (Eduardo Conte), Antonio Oreves (Toto) in a scene from the movie “Marie Forrey 2”. Credits: Sabrina Cirillo and Ray

How to see Mare Fuori on Netflix

How do you look? outside the sea Streaming from June 10, 2022? The TV series is produced by Picomedia and Rai Fiction is composed entirely of two seasons for total 24 episodes. Both seasons are now available to stream NetflixThe streaming service is present in more than 190 countries around the world. In contrast, however, Ray Play Where fantasy episodes were visible for free, on the streaming giant, episodes can only be used with a subscription subscription.

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Here are the plans available to access the Netflix catalog:

  • Base At 7.99 € per month: 480p, you can watch content on one device at a time;
  • Basic At 12.99 € per month: 1080p resolution, you can watch content on two different devices at the same time;
  • excellent For €17.99 per month: 4K + HDR you can watch content on 4 different devices at the same time.

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