Marcela Arroyo returned from Switzerland to Buenos Aires to present her fourth album, “De par en par”.

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Over twenty years ago, singer-songwriter Marcela Arroyo settled in Switzerland for love, but she has never lost touch with her musical roots in Latin America and Tango. At the end of 2021, he released his fourth album in Europe called “De par en par”, which was released by the German company Double Moon. A work that surprises us with mestizo songs that combine the most representative harmonies of Argentine folklore, tango and jazz.

To reconnect and rebuild bridges with his country, he came to present this material to the Argentine public.

Envelope “wide”

On her fourth album, Marcela Arroyo composed most of the songs. Musically, the acoustic instruments that surround his voice predominate. Songs created from the freedom of form, not forgetting its roots: tango and new folklore. Candombe, kwica and chaya, tango mixed with jazz and waltz are the tunes ahead. Plus some gems from Argentine folk songbooks like “Gato Panza Arriba” and “Rosario Pastrana” by Valo and Nunez, “Coplas al agua” by Juan Quintero or the zampa that closes Leguizamón and Castilla’s album, “Cantora de Yala”.

On the recording, she is accompanied by high-ranking Argentine musicians living abroad. as artistic producer Pablo Allende on arrangements, guitars and choruses; Federico Abraham on double bass and Pablo La Cola on percussion. They star as guests: eminent Swiss jazz musician Mathieu Michel, on Trombet and Flogilorn (winner of Best Jazz Musician of France 2021); Peruvian pianist Cesar Correa and Argentina’s Diego Clarke, with organic percussion and choirs. His songs embark us on a journey full of emotions, searching for the essence of life and authenticity, recounting his own experiences, and echoing the group’s universal themes.

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This record was co-produced by SRF 2 Kultur, the Swiss national broadcaster, with secondary support from the city and canton of Zurich. Recorded by sound engineer Andy Neresheimer at Hardstudios, Winterthur. The album was released in Europe by German label Double Moon Records. In Argentina, Club del Disco has selected the album under the “Folklores del mundo” category and will be released in August within its catalog. It can be purchased through this platform

About Marcela Arroyo

Marcela Arroyo is a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, and graphic designer. She was born in Buenos Aires and since she was young she has been surrounded by music. A mother is a children’s radio actress, a huge music lover and a father who plays bandones at every family gathering. At the age of five, he was already singing tango and since elementary school he has been walking on stage with a popular children’s group. He studied folk singing at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory, and completed it with musical theater at the Giulio Boca Foundation.

Since 2000, based in Switzerland, he has taken his music to various European stages: Doppelkegel in Munich, Neumünster, Volkshaus in Zurich, L’Alhambra and Bâtiment BFM in Geneva, Conservatoire de Courbevoie Paris, Stadtcasino Basel, Kulturcasino Bern , and Luzerner Theatre, Staatstheater Darmstadt.

In his songs he searches for the essence of life, authenticity, and truth, recounting his own experiences, echoing universal themes, generating complicity with the audience. Seeing Marcela on stage is to embark on an emotional journey, where the audience can feel the closeness and connection, immersing themselves in the singer’s allure and the art of sound. Marcela performs her songs that are about stories, showing her picturesque and theatrical abilities.

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In addition to her own songs, Marcela chooses a repertoire with folk roots: tango, Peruvian latz, zampa, milongas, quicas, gateaux, candombes, habaneras, blues, as well as regular jazz and French tanson. He has always maintained an association with his roots and with Argentine musicians such as Dino Saluzzi, Juan Vallo, Quique Senesi and Marcelo Nesinman, among others.

His records are celebrated by professional critics. Her projects have led her to appear repeatedly in the opera “Maria de Buenos Aires” by Astor Piazzola, as well as perform at leading festivals and exhibitions around the world.

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