Marc Marquez and unexpected termination in Australia: ‘We didn’t think about it when I decided to come back’

Marc Marquez He continues to add kilometers and great sensations when he returns to MotoGP after injury. All the work is put into getting more information and preparing for their big attack on World Cup 2023.

However, despite the past months, The driver from Cervera has once again taken the podium at the Australian Grand Prix. However, Mark wants to be careful about the new appointment, penultimate of the season, in Malaysian GP.

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Marc Marquez: “In Malaysia we will go back to reality a little bit”

Will he repeat the platform in Sepang International Circuit? Marquez puts his feet on the ground and talks about returning to reality.

“Not here. In Valencia we will see how we arrive and how we are. But here we will come back to reality a littleMark said at the Malaysia Preview.

Australia You already know is one of my favorite orbits Then turn left. Everything met a little. The choice of rear tire was the best for my style, a slow sprint… Put everything together a little to get this result“.

“We didn’t think when I decided to go back on the podium, but we have to Connect with positive progress me and HondaLooks like we’re entering a good stalemate. This will be the most important.”

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Isascon Ruiz also asked him about the benefit of running on a circuit he had already run before the surgery. Is it a good idea to test the arm?

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“No, I don’t need it because it is completely different. As the team said, A different mark arrived، It’s still another weekend of 2023Especially on Friday.”

“I have to experience little things like Australia to understand, because Honda is running too and needs guidance for 2023‘ he said into a microphone dazn.

Will we have a champion in MotoGP?

Pecco Bagnaia celebrates victory in Ducati at MotoGp

After calculation and review Pico Bagnaia led by 14 points over Fabio QuartararoMark gave his answer:

Yes it is possible Because there will be a lot of Ducati up front, there will be two very long stanchions and we have already seen that in Thailand and also in Australia a little bit: Ducati is on a mission to help its first driver become a champion“.

“That’s what they have to do and what they have to do. I’m sure Fabio will try. The crash on Phillip Island would be good for him to forget the pressure and drive like he’s been driving all season.”

also talk about Augusto FernandezWhich despite his mistake in the last Grand Prix is ​​very close to the world title of the second category:

“It’s very close. Nothing. The other day I made a mistake, yes, but I was third. He certainly wouldn’t have slept for two or three nights because if he finished this race he would have a tough face.But the important thing is that he fell in front and was not in the twelfth place. Let’s hope he brings a championship to Spain.”

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