Maradona in the stands of Italy and Argentina. The image has gone viral

In the past few hours, a joint shot on Twitter from the stands during ultimate between Italia And the Argentina At Wembley it went viral. In the photo, in fact, many fans glimpsed the character Diego Armando Maradona In the middle of the crowd watching the match. “Diez is alive, Diego was at Wembley, and he couldn’t help but follow Argentina”is the phrase that spread quickly with the shot “Eligo Career” by saying that “I choose to believe”.

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Fan show for Italy and Argentina. And check out Maradona’s shirt

Maradona in the stands at Wembley, the photo unleashes the fans

It all started with .’s Twitter account Sarah Aribo, the professional photographer who posted the original black and white shot of Messi with the stands in the background. Then the photographer wrote: “I took this photo at the Grand Final at Wembley and I’d like to find the girl with her arms up, can we?”. However, instead of looking for the girl, fans focused on the guy who has hat building Very similar to Maradona In the last years of his life. TyC Sports Then he re-shot the shot in which a figure similar to Maradona can be clearly seen. Many have gone on to wonder if the person in the photo is really him Pep de Orowho passed away on November 25, 2020.

The arrival of the legendary Maradona in Naples becomes a stage

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The arrival of the legendary Maradona in Naples becomes a stage

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