Magnussen and Haas, Netflix also won

Turin – The victory of imagination over reality. There is this also in beauty Pole by Kevin Magnussen And the beautiful day that Hass lived in Brazil. Formula 1, in this season’s finale, with both world championships dedicated, has an absolute need to find stories to tell. And Magnussen is definitely a story. But it also exists Fantasy victory Because part (well) of the success that Formula 1 brings to the new cycle – conquering new audiences and new markets – is also due to the successful series. “Driving to Survive” Produced and broadcast by Netflix. A TV series featuring the character of Gunther Steiner, Haas’s rough-and-tumble team manager, a Merano Italian, becomes a true star, dragging his team and his men to fame, starting with Magnussen. What we saw in São Paulo is the result of the track, not the screen, but now everything is mixed up. This time with obvious relief on the part of everyone.

History of “Made in Maranello”

Magnussen’s story is, after all, the story of an “underdog” who rose to the famous quarter-hour. Who knows what will happen to him at Sprint or in the real race, but in the meantime he – the first Dane in history – has won a great pole. Especially since the end 2020 has been ruled outto be restored at the beginning of 2022. It is also certainly history that matters to the American Haas team (which was financed before the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian oligarchs), run by a working group operating in England (in the Formula 1 valley), but built in Maranello , by a working group already led Ferrari driver Simon Resta It was largely built by Dallara. Plus it has the engine (actually, the power unit…) from Ferrari. It was once called Sauber “Ferarina”, Today the title belongs to Haas. Which was for once in front of the real Ferrari. Other than imagination.

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